For two players

Become one half of a deadly duo in online multiplayer co-op adventures built for you and your bestie.

Hunt: Showdown | Crytek

Partner up with a fellow bounty hunter and track down the monstrous prey that lurks in the swamps of 19th-Century Louisiana. But this co-operative FPS has a twist: other pairs of hunters are also on the prowl.

Sniper Elite 4 | Rebellion

In this World War 2 third-person shooter, you and your sniping buddy will use your marksmanship to help the Italian Resistance fight back against fascism. Enjoy the entire campaign as a thrilling co-op experience.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood | Machine Games

The alt-world of Wolfenstein jumps forward to the 1980s as the twin daughters of BJ Blazkowicz unite to aid the liberation of Paris. Wield advanced German weaponry and exploit the awesome potential of your power suits.

Far Cry 5 | Ubisoft

A doomsday cult is threatening the community of Hope County, Montana, so it’s time for you and a Friend for Hire to hit back. Wreak havoc across a vast open world playground and experience the entire story as a duo.

For up to three players

If two's company, three's a fireteam. This is less about tag-team tactics and more about knowing your role. 

Outriders | People Can Fly

Play as a band of mercenaries gifted with superpowers in this co-op third-person role-playing shooter. Combine your extraordinary abilities to even the overwhelming odds that face you on the hostile planet Enoch.

Apex Legends | Respawn Entertainment

Master an ever-growing roster of diverse Legends, deep tactical squad play and bold new innovations that go beyond the Battle Royale experience. Welcome to the next evolution of Hero Shooter.

Rocket Arena | First Strike Games

There are four 3v3 modes to take on in this competitive, rocket-fuelled hero shooter. Master each character’s signature rocket style to send your opponents blasting off into the distance.

For up to four players

Get together a party of people you can trust, assign your roles and play with the whole team in mind.

Back 4 Blood | Turtle Rock Studios

The makers of Left 4 Dead return with a gory co-op FPS that pits your quartet of Cleaners against the parasite-infected Ridden. The roguelite Card System means that no two survival attempts are ever identical.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 | Ubisoft

This co-op third-person shooter RPG imagines a world devastated by the outbreak of Green Poison. Your squad of Division agents are all that's left to defend America's capital from descending into absolute lawlessness.

Predator: Hunting Grounds | Illfonic

This asymmetrical multiplayer shooter pitches a four-person fireteam against a deadly cinematic icon. A player-controlled Predator armed with deadly alien tech stalks the jungle while you attempt to complete your mission.

World War Z | Sabre Interactive

Battle for survival through real-life locations, in a world overrun with billions of fast-moving zombies. As different groups of survivors, you'll need to use stealth, smart and sharpshooting to make it out of the apocalypse alive.

Borderlands 3 | Gearbox Software

Stop the spread of sinister cult The Children of the Vault-- and collect a mountain of loot in the process. The long-awaited return to the Borderlands introduces four new Vault Hunters and literally billions of new weapons.

Firewall: Zero Hour | First Contact Entertainment

The power of PS VR means that you'll feel like you're shoulder-to-shoulder with your teammates, in this intense squad-based shooter that rewards close communication and precise coordination.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War | Rebellion

The Third Reich has unleashed an army of the undead, and now the fate of mankind rests on the efforts of four Allied slayers. Hold off swarms of occult enemies in this gloriously schlocky co-op third-person shooter.

For five or more players

Join a bigger party for large-scale team battles, or take on ultimate gaming challenges with a seasoned group.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege | Ubisoft Montreal

Experience tense 5v5 competition with this evolving tactical FPS. Choose from over 60 Operators and stage coordinated assaults in order to defuse bombs, save hostages and secure areas.

Overwatch | Activision Blizzard

Filled with iconic, highly quotable Heroes, exhilarating action and heaps of unlockables, this colourful 6v6 competitive FPS offers a wide variety of play styles to suit all tastes and abilities.

Destiny 2 | Bungie

For the ultimate challenge in Bungie’s free-to-play co-op FPS, team up with five other Guardians and attempt a Raid. These missions will test your powers of cooperation like nothing you’ve played before.

Killing Floor 2 | Tripwire Interactive

Leave subtlety at the door and join up to five other players for this wave-based PvE first-person shooter where the body count is high, the soundtrack is cranked to 11 and the gore flows freely.