Sackboy: A Big Adventure

2-4 players | Local co-op

Staking an early claim to be the most charming platformer of the new generation, Sackboy’s quest to save Craftworld can be enjoyed with another three Knitted Knights on the same PS5 console. You can play through the whole adventure together or hit the dedicated teamwork levels in every world, where you’ll need to cooperate and communicate to reach the goal.

DualSense features: Haptic feedback means that each part of Craftworld’s terrain feels different under Sackboy’s woolly feet, while each bump you take – or inflict on a pal – will buzz through the controller.


2 players | Local co-op

If you’re yet to try Fortnite’s split-screen co-op mode, there’s no better place than on PS5 with a pair of DualSense wireless controllers. Not only will you dive into a more visually polished experience (up to 4K and 60FPS on a compatible TV), but your controller lets you feel the games in all new ways.

DualSense features: All your favorite weapons come alive with a distinct feel every time you pull the trigger. A sniper rifle has a different trigger response to a pistol or SMG, while weapons that require you to hold down the trigger bring the controller to life with sustained haptic feedback at varying intensity. 

Dirt 5

2-4 players | Local competitive

The DIRT franchise has long been a source of some of the most exhilarating multiplayer modes in the racing genre, and DIRT 5 does not disappoint. A rarity for racers nowadays, DIRT 5 offers split-screen action for up to four players locally, resulting in epic races on over 70 incredible global tracks. Simply choose from any route, pick your machine, and jump straight into the action.

Want to team up instead of face off? DIRT 5’s Career mode also supports split-screen play, meaning you and up to three teammates can take part in Career events to own the competition and earn extra rewards, as you progress through the story-driven mode.

DualSense features: Rally driving is a rough business and you’ll feel each bump and dip through your controller, while the triggers adapt the acceleration and braking control dependant on the track.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

2 players | Local competitive & co-op

Whether you want to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with your comrades or take pot-shots at them across the battlefield, the latest Call of Duty instalment lets you play local split-screen multiplayer in a variety of modes, online or offline. Go behind the iron curtain together and hit the multiplayer maps as a team or as rival factions, or steel yourselves for the iconic Zombies mode and fight off the undead horde together.

DualSense features: Playing on PS5 makes handling each weapon feel more realistic than ever before: trigger resistance adapts to your equipped gun while haptic feedback mimics the intensity of the kick as you fire and when you’re caught in a crossfire or an explosion.


2-4 players | Local competitive & co-op

The iconic soccer franchise needs no introduction; every PlayStation generation has seen rivalries settled on the pitch and FIFA 21 kicks things into the PS5 generation with a fresh intensity thanks to the DualSense wireless controller. Match day atmosphere is captured with enhanced visuals and light effects for each stadium, as well as pre-match cinematics and fan reactions to big moments to increase the realism. But it’s with controller in hand that you’ll really feel the beautiful game come alive…

DualSense features: As your players’ stamina drains, you’ll feel a change in resistance to the adaptive triggers to match their fatigue. Haptic feedback reacts with variable intensity to every collision, and vibrates in different areas of the controller dependent on the power of your strikes and which foot they're taken with. 


2 players | Local co-op

If you and your player two are in search of a more relaxed experience, Haven is for you. You and your partner glide above the surface of an alien world, exploring, working together to fend off predatory creatures and making a home for yourselves by crafting, cooking and maintaining your nest.

DualSense features: As you glide around at a smooth 60fps, haptic feedback reacts to the terrain below you as well as giving a visceral feel to each combat encounter.

Warhammer: Chaosbane – Slayer Edition 

2-4 players | Local co-op

The Warhammer universe slashes its way onto PS5 with six classes for you and up to three friends to pick from, as you lay waste to demonic forces in a fantasy realm. The top-down, loot-grabbing action is perfect if you want co-op dungeon crawling without leaving the sofa.

 DualSense features: Mowing through hordes of monsters has never felt so good as haptic feedback buzzes with every strike, while adaptive triggers let you know when your magic is ready to use.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat

2-4 players | Local competitive & co-op

A smorgasbord of hilarity awaits as the original Overcooked, its sequel and all DLC packs come together to serve up one of the tastiest party gaming experiences on PS5. You and your fellow chefs are tasked with working together to prepare a range of dishes and keep your diners happy. Sounds simple, right? But when the ingredients start to fly, pots boil over and there’s a rat in the kitchen, things really start heating up.

DualSense features: Haptic feedback lets you feel where in the kitchen the action is happening, as well as alerting you to burning food, while the controller’s speaker amplifies the kitchen chaos with bleeping alarms and countdowns as the pressure ramps up.

Madden NFL 21

2 players | Local competitive & co-op

Once again, the Madden NFL franchise brings the biggest hits in sport to PlayStation – and on PS5 there are new game modes to settle your rivalries, plus the full force of the DualSense wireless controller to feel every collision in your hands.

DualSense features: In NFL the hits come from all directions, and you’ll feel them all through your controller as the haptic feedback vibrates from every angle. More subtle is the jolt as the Quarterback hikes the ball, or the change in trigger resistance depending on whether you’re sprinting or trying to smash through a defensive line. Additionally, the DualSense wireless controller’s built in speaker broadcasts plays as they're called or as the clock runs down at the end of each quarter.

NBA 2K21

2-4 players | Local competitive & co-op

2K’s basketball experience takes a giant leap towards incredible realism on PS5. Bring a friend onto the court with you, and you could be dribbling and dodging past them with smoother, more precise movements that make every turn, break and foot plant feel like you’ve made it to the NBA.

DualSense features: As your players tire, sprinting with the adaptive triggers becomes more difficult. Smaller or weaker players will also have a harder time backing down larger opponents with the triggers, and vice versa, while every collision from a grazing bump to a hard-hitting body check is reflected in your hands thanks to haptic feedback. 


2 players | Local competitive

Challenge a friend to an off-road race in WRC 9 and you could be forgiven for forgetting you’re sitting on a couch. Each driver’s DualSense wireless controller adds even greater realism to this incredibly detailed driving sim, and when the head-to-head tension builds, who wins could come down to a test of nerves across the rugged terrain.

DualSense features: The adaptive triggers respond to your acceleration and braking as you weave in and out of bends, while haptic feedback works overtime to mimic what you might feel inside a rally car. The gearbox clicks in your hands with every change, getting more pronounced as your car takes bumps, while every bang and clatter of the terrain reverberates through your hands, letting you know when you’re straying off course – aided by the clatter of stones beneath your vehicle that ring out through the controller’s speaker.

Ready to play together?

Add a second DualSense wireless controller to your PS5 setup and bring player two into your game - so you can experiences new worlds together, or go head-to-head to settle old scores side-by-side.

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