Apex Legends | Respawn Entertainment

Conquer with character in this hero shooter where players team up to battle for fame and fortune. Master an ever-growing roster of Legends, deep squad play and bold innovations that go beyond Battle Royale.

Super Bomberman R Online | Konami

Blast your way to victory in the latest iteraction of the long-running Bomberman series. Compete in explosive 64 player battles, fight your way to the end and outlast all other players to be crowned BOMBER ONE!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout | Mediatonic

The game that proves that battle royales don't need to be violent. Up to 60 super-colorful beans compete in a series of hilariously perilous obstacle courses and frantic team games in a chaotic quest for the prestigious Crown.

Call of Duty®: Warzone™  | Activision

As you’d expect from the highest-selling FPS franchise of all time, the free-to-play Warzone raises the stakes with matches up to 150 players and creative, limited-time game modes that rewrite the BR rulebook.

Fortnite | Epic Games

The most iconic BR game of all is a pop culture sensation. Beyond the high-profile events and major crossovers there’s still a top-tier free-to-play team shooter with a smartly integrated building system.

Worms Rumble | Team 17

The aggressive annelids make their real-time combat debut in this uniquely two-dimensional spin on the genre where 32 players compete to be the Last Worm Standing. Sheep Launchers at the ready...


Parachuting into a shrinking arena with 99 other players and fighting to remain the last one standing all started thanks to Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene. His first dedicated battle royale game is still going strong.

Darwin Project | Scavengers Studio

Prepare for a new Ice Age by competing against nine rivals in a brutal hybrid of survival and battle royale. Alternatively, become The Show Director and take control of the arena to keep your audience entertained.

Spellbreak | Prolateriat, Inc.

Prove yourself as sorcerer supreme in this refreshingly fantasy-themed BR. Create your own spell-wielding battlemage, team up with fellow spellcasters and combine elemental magic to dominate the Hollow Lands.

Battlefield V: Firestorm | DICE

All the hallmarks of Battlefield’s online multiplayer--vehicles, huge maps, destructible environments--are perfectly suited to the battle royale genre. Fight solo or in squads while avoiding being engulfed by the mighty Firestorm.

CRSED | Darkflow Software

Once an elaborate April’s Fool joke, CRSED is now a full-fledged battle royale. Accurately recreated firearms stand alongside macabre mystical powers and supernaturally gifted Champions in this free-to-play curio.

Hyper Scape | Ubisoft

This futuristic F2P first-person BR makes its mark on the genre with innovative Hack abilities, a map where entire sectors can disappear at random, unique Twitch audience integration and two ways to win a match.

H1Z1: Battle Royale | Daybreak Game Company

One of the forefathers of the genre is a pure battle royale experience for up to 150 players. This version is custom-built exclusively for PlayStation consoles, resulting in the definitive H1Z1 console experience.