Apex Legends

Released 02/04/2019
  • In-game purchases optional
  • Online play required
  • 1 player
  • 60 network players
  • Remote Play supported
  • DUALSHOCK 4 vibration
Game overview

Unite with Legends and dominate The Frontier 

Jump into a hero shooter beyond battle-royale experience from Respawn Entertainment, the veteran studio behind the Titanfall series.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play, hero shooter with an ever expanding suite of finely-tuned legendary characters and powerful abilities filled with hundreds of cosmetic unlocks to hunt down. 

Team up to battle for fame and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier - an all new region of the Titanfall universe - and master a roster of diverse characters, deep, tactical squad play, and a host of fresh innovations that seek to revolutionize the battle royale genre, from 60-person battle royale matches, 3v3 Arenas battles to limited-time modes and takeovers.

Key features

Squad-based combat

Join other Legends on the battlefield and combine your unique skills to form the ultimate crew, making strategic calls on the fly and adapting to meet new challenges as the match evolves.

Distinct characters

Master a growing roster of powerful Legends, each with their own unique personalities, strengths and special abilities that define your role in the battle.

Cover distance quickly

Traverse maps with ease using character abilities such as Octane's Launch Pads, place ziplines as Pathfinder or create a Dimensional Rift with Wraith. Don't have these abilities in the team? No problem. Glide to safety using zipline balloons or squad-up in a Trident vehicle and blast your way to the action.

Meaningful progress

Hunt down a host of powerful weapons, attachments and armour, collect cosmetics to personalise your character and weapons, and unlock new ways to show off your skills during the match.

Join the clubs

Build a better squad with the Clubs. Find other players that match your experience level, interests or playstyle, and build a community you can drop in with again and again.

Season overview


Keep your eyes wide open in Emergence, an update that demands you pay attention. A visionary new Legend enters the Games: Seer, an artist who makes the battlefield his stage.

Climb twice the ranks

With Ranked play now available for both Arenas and Battle Royale, prove yourself a champion no matter how you love to play Apex Legends.

Put on a show with Seer

Armed with micro-drones, Seer can make out the racing hearts of opponents around him. When he’s ready to announce himself, his drones can release an energetic blast to disrupt and silence his foes, leaving them exposed. Seeking shelter won’t protect his enemies, either - his Exhibit ability harnesses all his micro-drones to create a giant dome that reveals the location of everyone running or firing within it.

Decimated World’s Edge

Pushed to the brink by overmining, World’s Edge is on the verge of collapse. Explore a familiar landscape now torn at the seams - a map consumed by lava and landslides, destructive forces that Hammond Robotics can’t seem to control. Nevertheless, the work continues, and Hammond Robotics has provided gondolas to help navigate the chaos - or create some.

Get bullets blazing with the Rampage

Rampart’s newest invention, the Rampage LMG is sure to be a hot commodity. A medium-range, slow-firing LMG, you can rev up the firing rate by adding a Thermite Grenade. Pair it with your favorite short to mid-range scopes and excel at medium range engagements.

Emerge triumphant with the new Battle Pass

Battle through daily and weekly challenges to earn unique rewards like new standing emotes, XP boosts and skins. There’s plenty of other exciting rewards to discover - don’t let them pass you by. 

Battle Pass

Battle through daily and weekly challenges to earn unique rewards like XP Boosts, and skins. At level 25, spread Valkyrie’s wings in her legendary “Aerial Evolution” and after 50 levels shine bright with Horizon’s “Biotic Luminary” skin. If you’re a completionist, reach triple digits and unlock the Reactive Volt’s Symbiotic Relationship and Fatal Injection recolor. 

There’s plenty of other exciting rewards along the way: Music Packs, Loading Screens, Skydive Emotes, Quips and more! Grab the bundle to instantly unlock the first 25 levels. Step out in style with the Apex Legends: Emergence Battle Pass.

Available on PlayStation Store

Apex Legends: Champion Edition


  • 9 character unlocks (all Legends up to Season 7): Caustic, Mirage, Octane, Wattson, Crypto, Revenant, Loba, Rampart, and Horizon!
  • 7 Exclusive Legendary items
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

Apex Legends: PlayStation Plus Pack


  • 2 character skins (Horizon and Pathfinder)
  • 2 weapon skins (Alternator SMG and Triple Take)
  • 2 banners (Horizon and Pathfinder)

Apex Legends: Mirage Edition


  • Exclusive Legendary "The Show Stopper" Mirage Skin
  • Exclusive Legendary "The Mantlepiece" Volt SMG Skin
  • Exclusive "Boots 'N All" Gun Charm
  • Exclusive "Holo Star" Badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

Apex Legends - Gibraltar Edition


  • Exclusive Legendary "King of the Sea" Gibraltar Skin
  • Exclusive Legendary "Terror of the Deep" Devotion Skin
  • Exclusive "Lone Shark" Gun Charm
  • Exclusive "Making Waves" Badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

Apex Legends - Pathfinder Edition


  • Exclusive Legendary "Full Metal Robot" Pathfinder Skin
  • Exclusive Legendary "First Blood" Havoc Skin
  • Exclusive "Molotov Cocktail" Gun Charm
  • Exclusive "Lone Bot" Badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

Customize and conquer

Fully tailor the look of your favourite Legends with weapon and character skins, camos, banners, badges and more, all available to purchase with Apex Coins via Apex Legends' in-game store.

2000 (+150 BONUS) APEX COINS
4000 (+350 BONUS) APEX COINS
6000 (+700 BONUS) APEX COINS
10000 (+1500 BONUS) APEX COINS
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Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish
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